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Step 1Select Topic

How it Work - Step 1

Start near the finish line, and publish a complete business website fast. Our Website Builder comes with content-complete site designs (called “topics”), that include text and images tailored to more than 100 business and organization types. You can use a topic as is, or modify the design, text, or images to suit your preferences.

To minimize your efforts when creating a website, Website Builder offers you a set of predefined website topics. When you start creating a website, choose a topic that is most appropriate for you, and Site Builder will generate a website with the content relevant to this topic. For example, it will include a price list template for a retail store or an image gallery for an artist's site.

When your website design and content are ready to be published to the Internet, click Publish in the top right corner of the main menu. Site Builder will publish your website automatically to the location specified in control panel.

Website Builder comes with over 400 pre-licensed images which you can use during your website design or later also when you wish to get it edited.

Website Builder offers you fully customization facility with your own layout, text, images, and more. You can customize it as per your liking easily.

If you want to maintain an online diary on your site, or regularly publish articles on a subject and automatically present them in a chronological order, then you need a blog.

A blog module can be added only to the first-level pages that do not have subpages. Within blog posts, you can use text, images, embedded videos and scripts. Each blog post can have its distinctive page description and meta information to be used by search engines.

Step 2Customize Easily

How it Work - Step 2

Make edits right on your website and drag blocks of content around the screen with a powerful, intuitive editor. Easily customize site layouts, sidebars, colors, fonts, backgrounds, borders, images the way you want. Also, Add your own HTML, JavaScript, PHP, Flash or VBScript to customize your website. Copy code from any web service, into the code module and enjoy the possibilities.

Adds a site-wide header to a website. The banner can include an image as well as the website title, subtitle, logo and Flash files. Likewise, adds a site-wide breadcrumbs navigation bar, with a chain of links showing the visitor’s path to the current page.

Lets you easily add text, images, tables, hyperlinks and Flash files to a website and format them however you wish. A separate module, Site-wide Text & Images, has the same functionality but lets you, in a single step, display the selected text and images on every page of your site.

Inserts a site-wide navigation menu and lets you choose how you want normal, hovered, and active (current) links to appear. Also, Adds a site-wide search field that visitors can use to look for something on your site. Google Search is the default, but a different service can be used by inserting its embedding code.

Provide a direct URL to video clips on popular services like YouTube, Vimeo, MySpace, or Dailymotion. Displays a gallery of images from Google Picasa and lets SMBs change its name and description. SMBs can also display images from your own hosting account. Adds a site-wide block for displaying ads from services like Google AdSense.

Lets you easily add a blog to a website and publish and edit blog posts.

Connects Site Builder to the Ecwid e-commerce service, enabling to sell goods online and manage a storefront. This module comes with a complimentary two-month subscription to a premium Ecwid plan. (Condition apply)

Step 3Publish Online

How it Work - Step 3

When your website design and content are ready to be published to the Internet, click Publish in the top right corner of the main menu. Website Builder will publish your website automatically to the location.

Save Money

Site Designer gives you platform wherein you can execute your idea on Internet better and without taking services of others. It saves you money as you do not need to pay to anyone hafty amount for making them understand and do work for you!

Save Time

At the same side, Site Designer platform is created so that you can save your time too along with money. Because Time is Money! This platform enable you to achieve the same because you do not need to wait for weeks and months to put your idea online. You can do so instantly at your own leisure!


Getting Started with Website Builder

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